An amazing architecture of the network system in the cars have made them so reliable, fuel efficient, high power with low fuel emissions, and very safe to drive with so many computers in place, it became very complex for an ordinary person to understand what’s going behind the scenes and an assumption of any fault without proper diagnostic tools is nearly impossible.

Wrong diagnostics can cause huge expenditure with the problem still persisting.

Our experts are efficient in handling such problems and can test the car’s controller area network system by special tools and can scope them to get into minute details. We have a facility to scan the cars with special diagnostic tools and read most of the computers such as ECM, TCM, ABS, BCM, SRS, VSC, TC, Immobiliser systems, Alarms, power windows, central locking systems, pulse width modulated alternators, IC,Variable displacement compressors and so on, and can arrive at a conclusion based on the PIDs, diagnostic fault codes and following manual test procedures.