No Start

Long Start

Sluggish Start

Rough Idling


Warning Lights notifying on your dash

Warning Messages on Instrument Cluster

Blowing fuses

No Lights

Strange Noise from the engine bay 

and not limited to

With the modern cars the technology has become so sophisticated due to the computerisation of cars and its network where all the computers talk to each other and send data to the main computer. Failure of communication among the computers can trigger warning lights on the dash notifying you about the incidents and can result in any of the problems shown on the left.

With special equipments and softwares our workshop has a great ability and expertise in diagnosing such faults and a solution at a reasonable cost.

Don’t try to fiddle with the electrical wiring and equipment any silly mistake can cause huge loss and could be disastrous. Talk to our experts who can help you out of this strange situation.